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The company is committed to creating a dual-core of top-tier product manufacturing and service
Jiangsu Tianlong Basalt Continuous Fiber Co., Ltd. was established in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, in May 2007. It is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales, equipment manufacturing, technical consulting, and service of continuous basalt fiber and its composite products.
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    Company Establishment
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    Sales To Overseas Countries
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Committed To Becoming A Provider Of Integrated Solutions For High-quality Materials And Application Technologies

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Basalt Fibre Twisted Yarn
High Spinnability

The monofilament diameter is 5.5um-13um
and the monofilament thread density is 11tex-132tex

High Strength

high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance

Basalt Fiber Untwisted Yarn
High tensile strength

Monofilament diameter 11um-25um
Monofilament yarn density 100tex-2400tex.

Good thermal stability

Anti-corrosion, stain resistance, aging resistance





Short-Cut Basalt Fiber
Low temperature cracking resistance

15%~30% increase in low temperature cracking resistance

Anti-fatigue cracking

Anti-fatigue cracking performance increased by more than 2 times

Basalt fiber felts
high-temperature resistance

widely used in high-temperature conditions of heat-insulating fire-retardant products

Environmental friendly

natural environmental protection, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance environment

Basalt fiber mesh cloth
as strong as metal reinforcement

1/3 the weight of metal,making it easy to transport and handle for construction use

good properties

durable than metal fibers and fiberglass

Basalt fiber casing
good electrical insulation

suitable for electrical appliances and motor coil parts of the insulating tube

high temperature and chemical resistanc

be used as brush hose and high-temperature composite tube substrate

Basalt fiber unidirectional cloth
comprehensive performance is more prominent

high strength of fiber cloth,good flexibility

cost-effective is more prominent

convenient construction,corrosion resistance

Basalt Fiber Belt
good flame retardancy

anti-aging, high-temperature, acid, and alkali resistant


strong bonding strength of concrete and resin

Basalt fiber geogrid
high temperature rutting resistance

resistance to cracks, rutting, and other highway diseases

resistance to low-temperature shrinkage cracking

delaying and reducing the effect of reflection cracks

Basalt fiber composite reinforcement
light weight, high strength

specific gravity is 1/4 of steel, strength up to 3-4 times of steel

corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, freeze-thaw resistance

Expansion coefficient close to that of cement,non-rusting

Anchor bolt
Corrosion resistance

far better than traditional steel in corrosive environments

environmental protection and energy saving

improves the structure's life and reduces maintenance costs

Fiberglass Reinforcement
lightweight and easy to construct

create barrier-free underground space

high strength

easy to cut,energy saving





Anti-crack sticker
waterproof, corrosion-resistant

prolonging the service life after road maintenance

good self-adhesive effect

good combination with roadbed pavement

Fiber-reinforced flame-retardant sealing technology
high performance

fire retardant

sealed cable protection

excellent tensile performance and sealing effect

Composite Fiber Fire Resistant Sealing Technology
soft texture and toughness

superior fire-resistant and heat-insulating properties

fire-resistant, heat-insulating, flame-retardant

can realize the effective protection of the mechanical structure of the cable under different fire scenarios

Penetration Enhanced Protection Technology for Concrete Surface Structure
Strong stability

A stable mortar network is formed

Enhanced protection

Spray surface protection materials to form a three-dimensional, closed penetration protection system

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